A small blog update

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about what to include in this blog before it goes stale. It is supposed to be a personal thing right now and just my presence on the internet so it will include the stuff I care about whenever I care to put them online. I hope to make blog posts about personal stuff, music and video games.  I want to share music with people they might not have come across otherwise. I have a very long list of preferences so I’m sure something will come up that will tickle everyone’s pickle at some point. I have been an avid video gamer since the age of 5 and want to share stories and news and opinions and all sorts. I just want to talk about video games. I intend to start a Nintendo Switch collection once it hits stores, I am really excited for this and I’ll document my journey with it all on here. Personally stuff I imagine will just be what could have been a compilation of useless tweets, depending on what’s going on in my life at the time. Hopefully got some big steps planned this year and with the rise of the little one it seems inevitable I’ll have at least some important stuff to talk about. On a note that might not be so important, this whole eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle thing – well.
I began really well with the healthy eating at the start of the month but have begun to sink back in to my old habits over the last 2 days. A minor setback I hope and I plan to keep up with cutting out crap from diet from here on out. I started walking to and from work instead of getting the bus, this all in is just shy of 5 miles total. It seems to be helpful but certainly does tire me out as I am on my feet all day in week as well. Only to get home and entertain an 8 month old child before I can relax properly (I say this but It tends to be the case her and the mother are out by the time I am home in which case I have a well-deserved nap).  At this point I’ve managed to lose 5lbs putting me at 16’ 10 (234lbs). Not a bad start for the first week but I feel like it could have been better had I not given in over the weekend, ah well .

I feel like I’ve left quite a large gap in the blog since my last entry and hope to update this thing a little more frequently – that being said I am not talking nonsense while I have nothing to say. Here’s to interesting things going on this week if people want to see updates.

Stay safe.


No longer Smoking & February

The fact that it’s already been a month since I rang in the first new year with my daughter is madness.  This year I made a few resolutions of sorts that I intended to keep, admittedly I through myself in at the deep end with quite a few things at once that didn’t all go to plan. I did however; manage to overcome the biggest obstacle of them all. I quit smoking.  I was smoking between 10-15 cigarettes a day and had been doing for years now. Come 2017 I stopped cold turkey and haven’t touched one since. I am pretty damn proud of myself for this one. I have no cravings whatsoever now, the money I save is noticeable and I’m not passively doing my daughter any harm. I tried several times in the past to kick the habit and managed 1 or 2 weeks here and there before bottling it, this time I have done good and I WILL keep it up.

I have decided to keep this willpower strong through the month of February and plan to tackle another of my ‘resolutions’ this year which was to lose weight. I have never had too much a problem being the weight I am personally but with the fact I no longer smoke I’d like to continue to boost a healthier lifestyle. I am currently weighing in at 17’ 1 (239lbs) and will keep pushing to lose weight until I am happy with where I am. I do not have a set weight I would like to be or how much I would like to lose just yet, I intend to just see how it goes. Until I am able to free up some time I plan on losing weight with a healthy diet. I am blaming it on a substitute for smoking right now (although that hasn’t always been the case) that I have been eating a lot of shit on a daily basis, even when I don’t feel hungry. So cutting down will not be an issue for me, fingers crossed I notice a difference sooner rather than later.

I also intend to keep an update on the blog of how I am getting on. What I am eating and how much weight I am dropping off over however long etc. Not decided yet whether it will be a weekly or fortnightly thing just yet. We will see.

I read a blog post only a couple of days ago that inspired me to pull my finger out and want to do this, so hopefully at some point down the line this will inspire someone else to do the same. Who knows, stay safe.

Resident Evil 4

A few days ago I blew the dust off my GameCube and set it up on the front room TV.  If you were to ask me what my favourite console of that gen was I’d say PS2 every time, and the original Xbox was the first console I bought during that time. However, the GameCube to me is a fantastic little machine and possibly my favourite Nintendo console.  I am gutted that it didn’t do better in the market for them.  Ah well.

Accompanying that, I dug Resident Evil 4 out of my collection and through disc 1 of 2 straight in. I had not played this game for some years. I think it was ’09 I was on a mission to work my way through all the Resi games – or at least the main series at the time. Resident Evil 1, 2, 3: Nemesis, Code Veronica, 4 and 5 were available. This was the first and last time I played Resi 4, a good time was had.

Resident Evil 4 had always seen tremendous critical acclaim to the point that it was being mentioned as a masterpiece in gaming or a must-have for whatever system.  Now it is clear that it dipped its toes in the waters of becoming more an action game than a survival horror compared to its predecessors, years later we’d see Resi 5 get bollock naked and jump right in – but was that a bad thing? Over the years I have learned that Fanboy-ism is a killer of creative genius, I have been guilty of disliking something because “Disney aren’t Star Wars” or “It’s not as good as FFVII” when I shouldn’t have. Disney is doing a great job with Star Wars so far, FFXV is a very good game with a pants combat system and Resi 4 and 5 are great entries into the series…. 6 not so much.

Sales pitch aside, I’ve not had more fun playing a video game for long time than I have with Resi and my GC. It felt so refreshing to sit down with a wired controller, 2 discs and no internet. This is the sort of gaming I appreciated growing up and I miss it. I imagine this is down to a nostalgia kick, I assume kids growing up through this day and age will be accustomed to online multiplayer and achievements and VR, maybe? That will be what they define as the perfect gaming experience because it’s what they learned from an early age and it’s what they will be miss when it goes away.

This began as a ‘let’s talk about Resi 4’ blog post and has slowly drifted into me being depressed about the state of modern gaming. What a disappointing ending for anyone expecting a piece on their favourite video game series.  Forget all that, Resident Evil 4 is still a very good game to this day, oh there’s a HD version. Oh OK.

Early Video Game Memories

My earliest memories of video games involve being a short, fat, five year old that was lucky enough to get a PlayStation for Christmas a year after they launched in ’96. Along side that came Crash Bandicoot and PaRappa the Rapper. I managed to get to the last level of PaRappa without actually knowing what I was doing. Hardcore gamer from the age of 5.
A few more PlayStation games later I got myself a Gameboy Color in ’99 at Manchester airport shortly before venturing on a 3 week holiday to Disneyland Florida, with my own hard earned pocket money I might add. what 8 year old needs a Gameboy when they’re going to Disneyland for 3 weeks?
Either way I picked up Pokemon Yellow and Looney Tunes Collector: Martian Revenge (EU). In the space of 3 weeks in Florida I had worked my way through Pokemon Yellow and picked up a copy of Pokemon Silver in America that hadn’t seen it’s release date EU yet. Safe to say I was the coolest kid in school for a short while after I got home.
One of the most jaw-dropping moments for me in video games was when I found out you could travel to Kanto from Johto in Pokemon Silver. It was still the 90s and it wasn’t as simple as watching a youtube video telling you, surf right from New Bark Town when you’re done btw. You figured this stuff out on your own which made it all the rewarding when you found something in games, it’s one of the things I miss about modern video games, discovering secrets and finding answers on your own.

Before we arrived at the airport for our family’s first holiday to Florida, I spent the morning playing on my PlayStation. I was playing Mickey’s Wild Adventure and had reached level 4 of 6 I think it was? I had never got this far before.  It was an intense morning for an 8 year old and to make matters worse the taxi had just pulled up outside to take us to the airport. Our Gaynor was telling me to hurry up and get my things together to leave but I had never got this far before. Oh yea, you couldn’t save on this game either.
I had no choice, I didn’t want to have to go through the struggle again so I made the bold move of leaving the PlayStation on for 3 whole weeks while we went away and just turned the television off so Gaynor was none the wiser, she wasn’t all clued up on the PlayStation. The place could of sparked a fire over the course of 3 weeks, I was a reckless child.
3 weeks passed and I returned home with an american tan and a new Gameboy. I ran to my room to pick up where I left off, I was actually amazed the thing had stayed on for this long and the electric hadn’t tripped.
Within a matter of seconds playing I had died and had to return to level 1. It wouldn’t be till my late teens that I told our Gaynor this story, she would of killed me dead had she known. Gaynor is my mum.

20170126_1828171my original GBC and games from 1999.

An Introduction.

Obligatory first post incoming.

When you’re sat around thinking about what to say, do you really have anything to talk about?

Here’s a little bit about me

I’m 26 years old, as of last week. I have a girlfriend of 9 years and an 8 month old daughter, I love them both very much. I live in Manchester, UK and I love it here – but I’d also love to go and see certain parts of the world in my time. I currently work at a Subway sandwich shop after returning there for the 2nd time, it’s not a special place nor a solid career but I do enjoy it more often than not. I love video games, music, books + comics. I enjoy collecting things and finishing lists. I try and make situations funny when they probably shouldn’t be, I don’t necessarily have a high success rate when it comes to this. I prefer to watch youtube than television. I’m a really heavy sleeper but fight it until it’s time.

I could not be more excited for the Nintendo Switch if you paid me, payed. I don’t know how you spell payed? It’s payed.
I am going to start collecting physical released games until I have a complete library. I don’t know how long it will take but I intend to do it. More to come on this soon.